Wrestling with Patanjali

Despite my best efforts, tonight I am struggling with some very simple yogic principles. If we go back to the basics, it’s all about the ‘Yamas’ – principles of self restraint, as in the Yogic doctrine. These are things that we should aim to avoid in order to avoid causing harm to the individual or society as a whole.  It basically taps into why, if you just focus on the physical aspect of yoga (as so many practioners are want to do thesedays), you are unlikely to make much advancement upon the spiritual path.

I embrace these principles and I am working hard to incorporate them into my daily life. Yet, tonight I find myself feeling, well, pissed off with one of my most dear people in the whole world, and struggling with the whole concept of practicing compassion and forgiveness. I probably just need some time to sort through all these thoughts in my head. A good night’s sleep will definitely help, and I know that it will all look better in the morning. But I am struck by how simple it is to practice these principles when one is feeling good about life in general, and then when life throws you a curveball, you really need to dig deep to keep living them. It’s a fact though: the people who you love most are the ones who can most let you down if you feel they haven’t come to the (theoretical) party. And right now (even though I’ve settled down from a roar to a gentle hum) I am feeling a bit challenged in terms of being accepting, loving, and non-judgemental to the person in question. It really is a case of putting theory into practice, and it’s not always easy.

And so I continue along my spiritual path as referred to above… (much more about the Yamas and Niyamas at a later date).

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