Some more coverage! About my yoga studio in Stellenbosch

So for some reason the photos won’t display, so I am attempting to post them to a gallery here, or you can check out the original bit by clicking on (my short links aren’t working tonight and I can’t be bothered to fight with them).

Beautiful new studio has now opened in Stellenbosch
Yoga with Nicci.
This studio is situated 16 Die Laan, StellenboschNicci has a beautiful studio in the wonderfully historic area of Stellenbosch where she teaches Hatha Yoga in the Integral Vinyasa style.
She teaches a gentle style of yoga with a lot of emphasis on warming up the body thoroughly before and throughout the practice, so the risk of injury is minimal. Whilst you enjoy all the benefits of a wonderful physical workout, the emphasis is on mindfulness and constantly bringing the awareness back to the breath: the focus of the practice is to bring mind, body and spirit into a state of balance and harmony. Every class ends with a period of relaxation, which is one of the most important elements of the class.
Beginners are welcome.
All levels of yoga are taught
Pre-natal (pregnancy yoga) classes.
There is ample, free parking and a separate, private changing / shower area.

Be sure to visit this beautiful new studio the next time you are in Stellenbosch

Contact Nicci for class times and rates | | +27 78 56 38 152 |


4 thoughts on “Some more coverage! About my yoga studio in Stellenbosch

    • Thanks my darling. I’d love you to come and try out a class sometime – as my non-paying guest of course – as a token of my appreciation for all your help and support in not only the yoga thang but specifically the baby massage thang. Forever in your debt x

  1. Lin Morris says:

    Hi nicci, I am enjoying reading your blog on stellenbosch yoga. I lived in Stellenbosch for thirty years, and did yoga in 1977 for a few years with Pauline Todd. Now I am living in Stanford, and attend Leli Hochs classes, which I really love. When I am in Stellenbosch, I would love to pop in and visit your studio. Thank you, and have a good day!

    • Hi Lin, so lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the sweet comments. Stellenbosch is a small place (as is the yoga community) – my mum did yoga with Pauline when we moved here in 1984 (we did spend 1977 in Stellenbosch when my dad was doing his PhD at Stellenbosch University but besides that (up til 1984) we were in Pretoria. And of course you do know that Leli and I did our teachers’ training together? She is a stunning person and a fabulous teacher so it’s divine that you’re attending her classes! We are doing a workshop together at my studio on Saturday – I think there is space left for one or two mats, so let me know if you’re keen to join us. Otherwise, you are welcome to pop in anytime you’re in Stellies – I’d love to meet you. Take care and all the best, thanks again for the comment x

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