Feedback: Balancing your Chakras workshop

Just a short post to say what a wonderful experience it was to have Leli and another 8 yogis in my little studio for our workshop on Saturday past! As I am just starting out on my teaching journey, I sometimes only have two or three people per class, and to have the whole space packed full of willing, commited, and enthusiastic people was very special indeed. Without being too airy fairy about it all (and I know The Band would roll his eyes if he read this), I swear I can still feel their energy in the room when I sit there now.

Me and Leli still have a lot to learn and it’s early days in many respects, but we definitely had more of a rhythm this past Saturday and I think we both felt so much more relaxed, and really enjoyed ourselves.

We had a lovely mixed group – ages from late 20s to late 60s, some experienced yogis and one absolute beginner, and even a beautifully pregnant yogi who is so comfortable in her practice that she did the most magnificent Chakravakasana and headstand!

We worked through the chakras, with asanas focused on opening each one, with a short pranayama and meditation practice associated with each one. This included a walking meditation for Muladhara chakra, a loving kindness meditation for Anahata chakra, a rainbow visualisation for Agna chakra etc. So it wasn’t just two and a half hours of physical work but very much the more classical thang.

I hope that everyone who attended gained something valuable from the workshop, and I know that I have come away from it feeling buoyed and (if possible) even more positive about the future of my little violet studio!

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