When Eating Plans Go Bad

Familiar much?

Familiar much?

Do your eating plans sometimes go awry?

Today I woke up fully intending to have a raw food day washed down by gallons of warm lemon water and green tea. Instead, by midday I had consumed half a packet of chocolate chip cookies, semi-infinite cups of Very Strong Coffee (business meeting) and half a packet of Prawn crisps from Woolies (my son didn’t feel like the rest).

Hey ho, tomorrow is another day. It’s that witness effect thing we look at in class – OBVIOUSLY this is not desired behaviour nor what I set out to do in my intention this morning, but my life happened and I had a number of unplanned things cropping up and I didn’t get to prioritise myself… and it’s not the end of the world, and I didn’t fail, and it’s all okay.

How does it make you feel when your best laid food plans fall by the wayside?

2 thoughts on “When Eating Plans Go Bad

  1. Alesha says:

    Yes, some days this happens. Though I must say that allot of it has to do with planning rather than intention. As a result of severe allergies, food/seasonal, hormones etc. I am on a low histamine diet, which is probably the most restricted diet I have ever come across. When go-to healthy snacks and foods like nuts, honey, certain fruits and veg, kombucha, yogurt even AVOCADO is off the table, you learn that planning is essential. You also learn how diet and food limitations are easy to follow and that explaining yourself to others and self acceptance is much harder. Limitations also opens up your mind to be more creative with what you eat. I am actually truly enjoying my food and finding new amazing foods every day. So ditch the crap and get creative 🙂

    • That is hectic! Wow, I can imagine that that would take some serious planning. You are right about the planning – I usually know my movements and have boiled eggs for when I drive to work early, and pack healthy snacks to tide me over when I’m not going to get a good meal for a few hours, but there are days where it all just goes for a ball of shizzle. I am past beating myself up about it though – no failure, just what it is, and a reminder to plan better the next time.

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