Class Schedule Term 1 of 2016

2016_Term 1 General Schedule

I’m delighted to (finally) have the schedule for Term 1 of this shiny new year ready for you. It’s been an uphill battle against technical gremlins but I have dug deep and have emerged as victorious winner!

Please note that there are a few changes, including a new addition of a regular beginners class and also a regular prenatal yoga / pregnancy yoga offering.

There is also regular kiddies’ yoga, so if you have or know of someone that has children and would like to give them the gift that keeps giving, Nia is the most fabulous teacher of yoga for children. She has a wealth of experience and we are extremely excited to have her adding this very valuable asset to our studio.

So many people have contacted me expressing how overwhelmed they feel at the prospect of starting yoga when it feels like everyone else is doing it, and doing it well – they feel threatened or intimidated by many teaching environments where they feel they are going to stick out like sore thumbs. It is with such compassion and pride that I welcome them to our beautiful studio – I know that the other teachers that I share my space with embody my belief that a yoga studio should be a safe, nurturing environment in which you are able to make yourself vulnerable, to let go of what you look like or what you are doing right or wrong, and to just be yourself without fear of criticism or exclusion.

I promise you, you are not alone if you feel that you need a private space in which to learn all the confusing names and poses so that you can confidently go and practice anywhere you fancy, and not be worried about making a fool of yourself. There are no mirrors on purpose, because it’s got sweet blow-all to do with what you look like, with what you wear, or with who else is there – it’s about you on your mat and THAT IS IT.

Our studio rocks because we are all shapes and sizes, ages, colours, genders, beliefs, stages of life, some of us are vegetarians and some aren’t, some believe in God and some believe in faeries, some like to chat and some don’t… some come to the studio to get a workout / head space / sanctuary / balance/whatever. Your reasons are your own, and there is zero judgement on any of these fronts. What we have in common is a respect for the silence that is held (mostly – we try) in the studio and the fact that we are all different. No right, no wrong (except for not pitching when you have booked – that is wrong. But more about that in another post).

So we look forward to welcoming you to the studio this year, or welcoming you back if you’re already a student at our beautiful little yoga studio in Die Laan. Please share this post and / or the schedule with your friends if the sound of our space resonates with you. And remember to book your spot in any class you wish to attend.

Let’s make this year the best one yet!



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