March towards self-worth

If you are one of the many people who come to yoga in a quest to learn to love themself a bit more, you’ll enjoy this month’s theme. It’s all about self love, self esteem, self respect, self value. It’s about teaching yourself that you are worthy and – if necessary – about faking that belief until you make it. 

It’s about realising, and learning to deeply believe, that you are ALREADY utterly fabulous, just as you are today – without needing to change a thing – and then reaffirming that belief every single day. 

This practice does not always come easy so I’ve found that a conscious effort must be consistently made on a day-to-day basis. In my experience, a lack of self-respect can, and most often does, result in depression and self-destructive behaviors. I’m in long term recovery for substance abuse, for heavens sake. I am the former queen of self-destructive behaviors! 

We need to reinforce our positive qualities and actively remind ourselves of them so that if and when it feels like everything else in the world fails us, we will always have our self-respect to fall back on. How we feel about ourself affects every single aspect of our life. If we don’t respect ourself then we won’t take care of ourself the way we should. By achieving this, we set boundaries for our life and our relationships. We learn to not allow people to treat us poorly and if they do, we are able to recognize our worth and walk away. 

Self-respect is one of most crucial aspect of our life. If we do not understand how to appreciate ourself and our worth, how can we expect others to? Others cannot negatively influence our opinion of ourself; this will only lead to degradation of our worth. We need to love and respect ourself before anyone else can.

I am no psychologist and this is not intended to be an alternative to psychotherapy. My intention is that this month, as I continue on my ongoing commitment to deepen my own sense of self worth, I open it up to anyone else who could do with some focus in that area and hope that it serves more than just me. 

Thanks for joining me. 

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