Quick Bedtime Sequence for Chakra Balancing

Please note: I am experiencing problems uploading the time lapse video to this post so if you want to see it, please pop over to my Instagram feed or Facebook page (both Yoga With Nicci). 

Here’s my little sleepy time yoga sequence that checks in on each of the seven main chakras in sequence before ending in a headstand to bring it all together before I snuggle up. 
I am such a sucker for these time lapse videos because it always looks so comical – especially the Sufi grind that I start with (Muladhara) – utterly daft looking – and then (after baddha konasana/Svadhistana, twist/Manipura and ustrasana/Anahata) my simhasana (Vishuddhi) in which I resemble a cat trying to vomit up a hair ball. I couldn’t do the eye bulging thing – too sleepy already after doing my actual practice before this fun vid.

 Garudasana with thumbs on 3rd eye for Ajna and of course headstand for crown chakra. A bit of slow smooth breathing and a quick journal post, literally listing the things I’m grateful for today, and then off to the land of nod. 

Sleep tight!