Cleaning of Spring and shaving of Labradors

It’s all taking shape. 

They say that you need to be the change that you want to see (which brings me to the question, who are ‘they’ anyway? And why are ‘they’ quoted so often, as if ‘they’ are the font of all wisdom? But that’s for another post, another day).  Well, whoever they are, I can’t help feeling that they would be mighty impressed with some of the changes that I’ve made over the last few months, had they been paying any attention.

I’ve been feeling for some time that there are a few things that just haven’t been working quite right in my life, and so it’s been with gusto that I have brought about some changes.  A major one is having resigned from my corporate job to enable me to focus on building up my yoga business (whilst spending decent time with my children), but there have been many smaller ones too, such as the tweaks that I’ve made to my diet, consciously eating a whole lot more healthily, drinking less wine (my vice) and almost completely eliminating wheat, dairy and red meat from my diet.  I am making a point of dry-brushing every day before I shower, and it may be wishful thinking but I swear I see some effects already (or perhaps I just need to clean the mirror).

There have been structural changes too: I am slowly transforming my studio space into how I really envisage it, and today had bamboo blinds hung across one entire wall, covering the shelving there – the results are mind-blowing! It totally transforms the space from a semi-functional stretching spot to a dedicated, seriously-focused-on-yoga spot. Next week I start painting the remaining three walls (eventually gone for a violet-like shade…brave, but I’m confident. More about that in another post…). 

I’m whipping my garden into shape, clearing a large creeper-infested space under the trees for my little boy to have a jungle gym there (his Christmas present), digging up the large patch of what used to be lawn but what eventually was merely dust interspersed with surprisingly vicious thorns, and having roll-on lawn put down there instead.  Even my beautiful Layla-dog isn’t getting away unscathed: I’m toying with the idea of having her shaved for summer – our neighbour just had her Labrador done and apparently it makes a huge difference in terms of them keeping clean and in particular drying off properly after a dip in the pool (as these suburban pets of ours are inclined to do) so that they don’t get that ubiquitous wet dog smell. 

I have organised all the kids’ toys and transformed the study from a dingy, claustrophobic little room into a light, spacious, welcoming and functional space where both The Band and I are now happy to work. I repacked all our bookshelves and have recycled a plethora of old magazines, so all of a sudden I feel that there is space, not only in my house but my head. I cleared out my clothes cupboard, my jewelry box, the garage and have even gone so far (or obsessive) as to tidy out the crate  in which I keep all my gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, balloons, cards etc.

With The Band’s help, we’re even managing to change the way that we handle the occasional (snigger) conflict that comes up in our relationship, and the results there have been no less spectacular.

Reading back over what I’ve written, I realise that you, dear Reader, would be forgiven for assuming that I must be well into my third trimester and about to enter labour, so frenzied does all this activity sound.  Maybe it’s to do with Spring arriving, maybe it’s deeper than that and is my response to this niggling feeling that I need to somehow regain control over my life.  Maybe it’s not deep at all but just plain and simple feeling sick and tired of things being cluttered, stuck, disorganised, and taking action to change it.  Whatever it is, the effects have been almost as beneficial of a good long yoga practice: I feel restored, calmer, more focused, energised, motivated, peaceful. And excited about what the future holds.

I am by no means the ‘finished business’ yet (will I ever be?) but my new favourite way of summing up how I feel about the changes that I’m bringing about is: ‘I am in the process of positive change’.

Yes, ‘they’ would surely approve.