Why do yoga when pregnant?

(With thanks to Ananda Sanga for the notes – these are from the teachers training course I’m attending two weekends this month)

Pregnancy Yoga classes provide an opportunity for expectant women to develop greater vitality and awareness of their body that is home for two, as well as to deepen their relationship with their baby. Gentle postures, breath work, sound and chant work and meditation are learned to cultivate flexibility, calm and confidence in preparation for labour and childbirth. Women are empowered to enhance their ability to access greater relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment. Calm and flexibility ease the birthing process, thus reducing pain and increasing the joy during this special time. With Pregnancy Yoga, women prepare for as active, normal and natural a birth as possible.

The process of birth is not a Hollywood script with harp music, diaphanous robes, and sweetly smiling cherubim. It is hard work made of muscle, sinew, sweat, blood, and love. By toning the body, mind, and spirit, yoga can help a mother be present for the miracle of birth. “Yoga helps you prepare for the unknown by knowing yourself.”

Birthing Preparation for Couples

This provides an opportunity for couples to enhance awareness of and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth. Through discussion, gentle postures, breath work, sound work, meditation and basic massage, couples cultivate greater relaxation, understanding and enjoyment for childbearing. Couples practice postures together that are both beneficial and enjoyable during pregnancy and during labour. Partners feel more connected to the unborn baby. The presence and encouragement of a woman’s partner is a powerful aid to labour and delivery. Partners develop greater understanding to support the birthing mom with confidence and sensitivity. 

Post-Natal & Baby Yoga

Once the mother has given birth she returns to this special yoga to help her body return to normal as quickly and effortlessly as possible. These classes can be attended with ‘baby’ and are made to be fun and uplifting.