Ladies and gentlemen, here’s….. Derryn!

I’m delighted to announce that a new instructor is joining my yoga studio in Stellenbosch, starting this week!

Derryn Searle is a beautifully positive person whose smile lights up every room she walks into. Some of her passions are yoga, music and teaching, and she particularly shines when the three are combined in her classes. Derryn trained at Yoga Life in Cape Town and offers a wonderfully energising Vinyasa flow style that will get you moving and a spring into your step, strengthening the body while calming the mind.

What this means for the studio at Yoga With Nicci is that there are more classes on offer, and you will be able to choose between two different instructors/styles. Try us both out to see what resonates better with you! Or just pick and choose, depending on your schedule.

Contact me for more info about the new class schedule, fees etc.

And in her own words, here is what led our radiant new instructor to yoga:

Derryn Searle – What led me to yoga

When I look back on my life, discovering yoga has been the most natural progression for me. My journey as a young adult began with my passion for ballet and music as I was growing up, which culminated in my studying music at university and becoming a musician and teacher. After having taught music for many years in Durban, I arrived in Stellenbosch 8 years ago with new ideas and dreams of opening my own décor store, Cocoon. This was a wonderfully creative and busy time in my life learning how to run a business along with being a mother, and getting to know people in Stellenbosch.

At the same time, I started practising yoga in Stellenbosch first with Johan Kotze  and Ina Gerber who introduced me to Iyengar Yoga, and later for many years with Adele George. I fell in love with yoga and the wonderful sense of well-being and calmness that I felt after every class, and soon it became very much part of my daily life. Practising yoga has transformed my life, cultivating strength, stillness and endurance in my body, steadiness and calmness in my mind, and a wonderful lightness of being!

My regular practice of yoga brought me to the realization that I wanted to teach yoga and train as a yoga teacher, which made perfect sense as I have always loved teaching.

Earlier this year I completed my YTT 200 Hr Teacher’s Training with Yogalife in Cape Town. Trained by Marley Vigdorth from Denver U.S.A. and Dave Porter, owner of Yogalife, we were trained to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is a steady flowing sequence of connected yoga postures linked with the breath. This is an exhilarating yet calming yoga, usually accompanied by beautiful and inspiring music, and appeals to all ages. It helps focus the mind, improves posture and alignment, builds strength, stamina and flexibility, and releases stress, bringing balance and healing in our lives. On and off the mat, yoga feeds body and soul.

I am so looking forward to joining Nicci and teaching yoga with her in her beautiful studio in Stellenbosch. Hope to see you there!