Yoga With Nicci classes are filling up!

This week I returned from 10 wonderful, restorative days at Morgan Bay on the Wild Coast, and even though it was as difficult as ever to leave the sea and make the transition to ‘normal’ life, it has been absolutely fantastic getting back to my little yoga studio in Stellenbosch and returning to teaching yoga.  Classes are filling up and I am having to pinch myself more and more often to remind myself that this is not a dream; it is actually my life now, doing what I love! I feel inordinately privileged.  A new pregnant fairy joined my prenatal yoga class this week and it is surely just a matter of time before my classes start looking like this:











In all honesty, those pictures scare the living daylights out of me – I cannot imagine how impersonal it must be to teach or take a class in that sort of place, but that’s just me – each to his own. I also wonder how any teacher could possibly keep an eye on all the students and give any sort of tailored feedback in that sort of setting. I can fit 12 people max into my studio, but it feels really comfortable at about 8, so fortunately Yoga With Nicci will not be losing it’s personal touch anytime soon!

I had a wonderful time keeping up with my own home practice whilst on holiday, typically doing it on the balcony as the sun rose in the East, before my children woke up, and it was a very special experience, practicing my own Ujjayi breath whilst having the roar of the Indian Ocean in my ears throughout my practice. Below is a picture of my makeshift studio at Morgs: brings back happy memories!